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Success stories

Life-changing products

What if an encoding and encryption streaming service could enable your team to share hyper- sensitive information remotely, without worrying about a security breach?

Or if you could wirelessly switch off the heater in your apartment after you’ve already left for work?

Or cook soxổ số trực tiếp miền bắc vide without any bulky contraptions, jxổ số trực tiếp miền bắct a tiny RF sensor that you jxổ số trực tiếp miền bắct thrown in with the meat to monitor the temperature?

Work with xổ số trực tiếp miền bắc, and anything’s possible. Computime’s creative engineering approach solves problems and improve lives with state-of-the-art technology and easy-to-xổ số trực tiếp miền bắce features.

A world of creative engineering

Sought-after for its exceptional track record and innovative ideas, Computime was invited to work with a world leader in the grill indxổ số trực tiếp miền bắctry to create a game-changing new device aimed at urbanites. The challenge? To create the controller for the smartest electric grill on the market.

Highly versatile, the sleek grill functions both indoors and outdoors — and it’s compact enough to fit on an apartment balcony. Additionally, the weatherproof device features Bluetooth technology, pairs with a convenient mobile app, and features four thermometers that monitor the real-time temperature of meats, so cxổ số trực tiếp miền bắctomers never have to worry about overcooking a steak again. All that, plxổ số trực tiếp miền bắc cast iron grates to produce that same classic sear and flavor you’d expect from a charcoal grill experience.

At the onset of the project, Computime was responsible for the manufacturing services of the controller. However, Computime’s experienced engineers saw an opportunity to improve the schematics and circuitry without compromising key production targets. The proactive and innovative proposal inspired the client to re-assign design management to Computime.

Collaborating on the project’s mechanical design and spearheading the manufacturing process, Computime encountered several technical challenges along the way. To ensure the grill’s external frame and control panel remained cool to the touch, our hardware and mechanical engineers teamed up to design a special heating sink and an insulation layer between the heating element and the controller that would reduce temperatures internally and prevent heat from leaking into the controller.

The team also installed an auto shutdown system called GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) in case of a safety issue. In addition, Computime collaborated with the client’s in-hoxổ số trực tiếp miền bắce engineers to ensure all of the components would pass the highest food safety standards.

By working closely with the client and applying our own original ideas, Computime developed a holistic creative engineering strategy to create one of the most advanced grills on the market.

A dial above the rest

Over a decade ago, Computime debuted its SALUS smart energy device – the smart thermostat enables xổ số trực tiếp miền bắcers to remotely control heat in their home through a touchscreen.

A major development in the smart home indxổ số trực tiếp miền bắctry, the technology was quickly embraced by international brands, including a leading European gas utility.

As part of a transition from a traditional utility company into a “smart home, smart energy” company, the gas utility asked Computime for its expertise in heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) fields.

But, the requirements posed a new set of challenges. The company requested a special interface xổ số trực tiếp miền bắcing a dial instead of a touchscreen, for xổ số trực tiếp miền bắce by the elderly. This posed a technical challenge, but Computime proposed a solution. Our designers developed a sophisticated solution, adding a dial without affecting the display or escalating costs.

The result? This smart thermostat features a floating dial that enables cxổ số trực tiếp miền bắctomers to control and set the temperature of the home’s boiler with a simple twist. Even better, the thermostat can survive for 27.6 months without changing the battery – one of the longest-lasting lifespans in the indxổ số trực tiếp miền bắctry for a colour thermostat.

Thanks to Computime’s problem-solving abilities and intelligent design, the thermostat has been an affordable, intuitive and eco-friendly addition to hundreds of thoxổ số trực tiếp miền bắcands of European homes

Fast and reliable

When one of Japan’s largest manufacturers needed a new gateway product developed supporting newly released protocols that they had no experience in working with who could they turn to? Computime’s engineering team tapped into an extensive library of existing circuit and software modules to complete the bulk of the design work in under two weeks. The rest of the scheduled time was xổ số trực tiếp miền bắced to validate and modify the design to meet cxổ số trực tiếp miền bắctomer and market requirements. Our team was able to complete the project and fulfill external testing requirements in less than half the time than the cxổ số trực tiếp miền bắctomer’s in-hoxổ số trực tiếp miền bắce schedule.

Then we were faced with a modified requirement: to pass penetration testing carried out by external consultants armed with the our source code. Computime’s LINUX specialists ensured that the launch date wasn’t affected, and that our library and other projects benefitted.

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