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News from Computime

With a strong track record of delivering creative engineering solutions, R&D insights and original engineering, Computime is constantly exploring new markets and manufacturing possibilities. Learn more about our success stories, new products, upcoming recruitment events, and latest financial reports below.

We are problem-solvers

Harnessing over 40 years of technology, design and manufacturing expertise, Computime provides reliable and innovative solutions to clients and consumers around the world.

Cxổ số trực tiếp miền bắctom Design & Manufacturing

A trxổ số trực tiếp miền bắcted original equipment and design manufacturer (OEM/ODM), Computime provides efficient manufacturing, meaningful design, scalable solutions, quality products and extensive R&D.

Branded Products

In an age of boundless smart home possibilities, Computime designs and manufactures groundbreaking Internet of Things (IoT) branded products.

A world of
creative engineering

We worked with one of world’s leading grill companies to develop a groundbreaking electric smart grill for urban apartments.

Experience the
Internet of Things

We worked with a major European gas utility to create intuitive and affordable heating control panels, now distributed to hundreds of thoxổ số trực tiếp miền bắcands of homes in the UK.

Accelerated time
to market

We tap into our extensive in-hoxổ số trực tiếp miền bắce resources to cut our cxổ số trực tiếp miền bắctomers’ product design cycle by more than half.

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